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I have decided to launch a small satirical publication. The paper will be printed in half the usual broadsheet format and distributed hand to mouth at the exhibition.
Fabric on fabric / You look down on me because I am a politico rug

Have you ever stepped into a wet rug? Your step in full swing, suddenly plunging into swampy thickness. Not unpleasant as much as unexpected, the experience has a lot in common with stepping into a puddle. It can also be compared to many a political conversation.

Finding yourself in the midst of wetness is undeniable, and so is being in a socio-economic context. And yet, people often seem to resent being reminded of the fact. Every time the bomb has been dropped, awkwardness ensues. People begin to cringe and complain about how unnecessary this has been.

A wet rug is also unnecessary, to say the least. However, phenomenologically it does something that the confronted passerby will have to acknowledge. It is about the surprise element that will make you question your everyday experience. I have woven this rug out of old bedsheets and curtains. I wonder how it will do as an exhibition doormat - soaked through with possibility.

The doner kebab is one of the best-known Berlin inventions. As described by the comedian duo Erkan and Stefan, “It is the Bruce Lee amongst sausage rolls”. Originally developed in the 70s by a Turkish guest worker, the kebab has enjoyed an exponential rise in popularity all over the world. 720,000,000 doner kebabs are sold every year just in Germany. This translated into a daily consumption of 200,000 kg of minced grilled meat.
We’re waiting for somebody very important. For a secon there we thought you might be that person. What an obvious mistake. As a matter of fact, we ourselves are of considerable importance. After all, when S.O. V. Important finally arrives, we will be the only ones ready.
The innocent colouring book is an excellent critical tool. The transparent and easily reproducible form can carry highly political content, and still retain mass apeal that would allow for easy distribution.

Certain things, in order to take place at all, need to take happen at least twice. Mythical events typically belong to this category. Every re-occurence of the myth, especially one purposefully invoked, is at the same time its assertion and an interpretation.

Power relations morph through history very much in the same way. A good example can be provided by persecution, which changed considerably throughout the ages, while its core nature remained very much unchanged. The very word “persecution” comes from the Latin persequi, meaning “to pursue, to follow”. One might say that persecution invariably follows in its own footsteps, no matter who the oppressed group currently is.

 Not all the motifs are equally strong with regard to their repetitiveness, or circularity. While some have appeared in virtually the same form for centuries, others are always a reflection of their times. I am interested in the re-evaluation of reality through taking control over circular events.