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Cornucopia came in to the world when baby Zeus pulled a little too hard at one of Amalthea’s horns. The magic goat was nourishing the future king of gods all throughout his infant exile in Crete. The salvaged horn proved as generous as its owner and bestows infinite amounts of fruits and nuts for eternity. If I ever start a muesli brand it will be called this.
I’m planning to make a series of text-bearing tote bags. I might use them as retails objects, along with the rugs. Alternatively, they could come in useful in a goody bag action, that could also encompass the diaries.

As part of the diaries project, I have started transcribing my collaborators online expression throughout 2014 into physical books. Even at this early stage I already had to consider several important issues. Initially I had intended to find a way of printing into the books, but now I’m leaning more towards handwriting as this radically transfers the content from the public domain to the private. Another implication of this decision is that I am now willingly carrying out the manual labour of handwriting on the part of my collaborators. I’m interested how this is yet another form of work that will never be financially renumerated, as well as a way of moving through time.

I also had to decide whether I will include all content from my collaborators’ profiles, including conversations. On top of that each platform has its own system regarding the use of @, # etc, which would be out of place in an old-fashioned diary. There is also an issue of how and if at all to reference image/video/linked content. So far I have decided to use exclusively my collaborators’ own writing. I feel that by removing the images I am stepping away from the circus that are social media and breaking the silent rule to make everything entertaining. I am looking forward to see what sort of poetry might arise from seeing plain words out of context.

I am also discovering a lot of interesting content I would not normally have a chance to see. It makes me think that these findings in their own right could make for another exhibit to be part of the project. Overall I feel that I’m holding my each and every collaborator under a previously unseen level of scrutiny. While the whole process certainly helps me to get to know my collaborators better and discover interesting content I would not normally see, this is placing me in a slightly bizarre position of an approved stalker.

24 golden 2014 page a day A5 diaries

24 people would be invited to create a record of their life as of 2014, on two conditions. The first condition would be that all 365+ pages of each book are marked. The second would be that the book is preserved in an immaculate physical condition. The time allowed to work on the book would be 1 day.

Another option would be to fill the books with all the data available about online and other activity of these 24 people in 2014.  The data would be sourced as html code from search engines and social networking services.