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24 golden 2014 page a day A5 diaries

24 people would be invited to create a record of their life as of 2014, on two conditions. The first condition would be that all 365+ pages of each book are marked. The second would be that the book is preserved in an immaculate physical condition. The time allowed to work on the book would be 1 day.

Another option would be to fill the books with all the data available about online and other activity of these 24 people in 2014.  The data would be sourced as html code from search engines and social networking services.

Self-flagellation aid £3


This personal use device is an intelligent variation on a classic whip. Equipped with a comfortable handgrip, this flagellation aid easily reaches any length down the spine. A beacon of style and efficiency, the whip is adorned by intricate beadwork.

Aero yoga swing £5


Following excellent innovations in the pilates industry, yoga gurus have released this essential aero accessory. The swing is designed around an asteroid pattern serving as spiritual inspiration. As the practitioner assumes more advanced positions, the wheel starts to revolve. The motion is a reminder of human position in the circle of life. Alternatively, the wheel can provide an initial set up for a game of Russian roulette. The swing is also viable as a missile launcher.

Deluxe back scratcher £2


This telescopic back scratcher is a wonderful start to any collection of massage related paraphernalia. Delicate anemone tentacles provide just the right degree of cutaneous stimulation, unleashing instanteous delight. An adjustable polyvinyl coil supports the scratcher. The item is available in an attractive combination of beige and indigo shades.